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Kathleen Deaton@ 4:49pm 05-26-2007
Dear Simon,

What stunning works! What a blessing you are!

In Him,

Kathy in Memphis
Colleen Abrie@ 9:19pm 05-25-2007
Dearest Salvadore, We are so happy for you to finally have your work displayed for the world to see!!!! Kudos to Maraibelia for a lovely job.


XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Love from California- Colleen, Nicanor and Nicolene
Replied on: 11:44am 05-26-2007

Many thanks for your kind response.
I am so glad that you can see my artwork now.
I love you all, four angels!!!!

Your uncle Salvadore.

Susanne Hagleitner@ 11:52pm 05-02-2007
Salvador, thank you for bringing so much beauty to my world !
Marianne Oudendijk@ 4:44am 04-30-2007
Great website and beautiful layout !!
Hopefully this will go around the world for all to see and to enjoy it.
Marianne Oudendijk
maria@ 11:47pm 04-28-2007
Hello Salvadore

Congratulations with your website and that your message and beautiful artwork may flow around the world and bring much blessings to all who needed this.


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