Antoinette Martell@ 8:42pm 06-25-2007
Hi Salvadore,

Well Done!!! This website is very beautiful. May you be always Blessed from God and his wonderful servants of the Light.

Love and Light
Always Victory
Vanessa vanDrimmelen@ 12:14am 05-28-2007
Dearest Uncle Salvador,
When I viewed your artwork my heart filled with love and joy. Your devotion to love is obvious and profound. It is so wonderful that we can see and share your vision. Congratulations to you and many thanks to Mariabelia.Love, Vanessa and Mara
Isolde Chirchirillo@ 9:01pm 05-27-2007
What a wonderful gift you have received from
the Mother of God!!! My friend and I are admiring your heavenly works of art. With Mary always!!! Isolde Chirchirillo
Kathleen Deaton@ 4:49pm 05-26-2007
Dear Simon,

What stunning works! What a blessing you are!

In Him,

Kathy in Memphis
Colleen Abrie@ 9:19pm 05-25-2007
Dearest Salvadore, We are so happy for you to finally have your work displayed for the world to see!!!! Kudos to Maraibelia for a lovely job.


XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Love from California- Colleen, Nicanor and Nicolene
Replied on: 11:44am 05-26-2007

Many thanks for your kind response.
I am so glad that you can see my artwork now.
I love you all, four angels!!!!

Your uncle Salvadore.

Susanne Hagleitner@ 11:52pm 05-02-2007
Salvador, thank you for bringing so much beauty to my world !
Marianne Oudendijk@ 4:44am 04-30-2007
Great website and beautiful layout !!
Hopefully this will go around the world for all to see and to enjoy it.
Marianne Oudendijk
maria@ 11:47pm 04-28-2007
Hello Salvadore

Congratulations with your website and that your message and beautiful artwork may flow around the world and bring much blessings to all who needed this.


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